What’s YOUR data telling YOU?

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Business Process Engineering

Data Scrubbing/ETL

Data Analytics

Do you struggle with getting good data?

  • Are your business processes consistently trained for new employee on-boarding?
  • Are your business processes well documented and accessible to all staff?
  • Do you have good data hygiene?
  • Do you trust your data to make decisions?
  • Do you have the reports and metrics you need?
  • Is it painful updating reports and metrics to get current data?

Solutions You Can Use Right Away

Every company has a story to tell from their data to bring timely attention to strengths and to weaknesses in the business. We are the packaging industry leaders serving corrugated manufacturing, folding carton, distribution, assembly & fulfillment, and foam manufacturing with business process engineering, ETL services, and data analytics. We ensure your business processes align with proper data hygiene in all of your systems and then present meaningful and actionable data stories that are always current on every device to allow you to make informed business decisions and collaborate with your team from anywhere and at any time.

Analytics/Bl Platform

Data Cleanup

ERP Systems Training

Staff Certification

Report Writing

Project Management

You’re in Good Company

“If you’re responsible for IT operations at a packaging company, you need to connect with Two10 Technologies! We have engaged them to implement our ERP systems, lead critical data scrubbing projects, as well as report and analytics development. They not only understand our business, but they know the power of data and come through for us every time!”

“Our General Ledger structure was not aligned with our cost model, nor with the rest of our companies. We called upon Two10 Technologies to create the new structure and migrate from the old GL code structure. The result was flawless – all balanced to the penny and we realized immediate benefits. I would highly recommend their team for all things data related”

“Jason implemented our ISO-compliant Quality system completely turn-key. From configuring the software and training all of our staff to developing and installing several key reports and dashboards as well as on-site support at cutover. We know our cost of non-quality like never before!”

“Two10 has been a proven partner in realigning our business processes with our software. Immediately, we reduced the amount of ‘babysitting’ to get orders processed correctly since our staff had reliable information at their fingertips and our reports had actionable and trusted data. We don’t know what we would do without our friends at Two10 Technologies.”

“Our company invested in barcode technology to improve our inventory accuracy and reduce cost in the warehouse. Two10 Technologies guided us through the whole process from planning the labeling of our racks to training our employees and supporting us with on-site experts. They made sure that everything went perfectly. The only thing we questioned was why we didn’t do it sooner!”

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We believe you shouldn’t have to be a data expert to run a business.

We specialize in technology solutions that yield meaningful and actionable data for Paper & Packaging. Our solutions are designed for your business – not a template copied from a completely unrelated industry. We have worked in your plants, we’ve run companies similar to yours, we’ve felt the pains of growing a business just like yours. We learned the data structures to understand where key information is stored. We learned the industry from the inside out to know the reference points of when data is spotless and can be trusted. We took the greatest hits from what metrics should be measured to know your business is healthy.

How it Works

1. Schedule a Call

Reach out for a no-obligation orientation call to discuss pain points in your business. We will provide you an assessment to determine where you are on your journey to a more intelligent business.

2. Build a Plan

We will develop a prioritized plan for synergy in your business processes and software, for pristine data hygiene, and for actionable analytics always kept current on every device.

3. Execute & Evaluate

We will keep your group laser-focused on our goals and will see the plan through to success!