About Us

Jason Hooston

Co-founder and CEO

Two10 Technologies was founded in 2018 right in the heart of one of the largest packaging markets in the United States, the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex. The vision by co-founder and CEO, Jason Hooston, was of a technology firm that can quickly provide simple elegance to the complex metrics by which leaders in the packaging industry run their businesses.

After 25+ years in the distribution and packaging industries providing sales support, operational leadership, project management, and executive leadership, Jason has come up through the ranks to lead companies very similar to yours. It is with this experience that Jason’s passion emerges which is to provide the data you need with minimal effort. Taking the very complex and massive amounts of data we collect in our systems every day and molding that into actionable data to make decisions from is what leaders like you crave every day.

Michelle Hooston

Co-founder and CFO

As a military logistician, co-founder and CFO, Michelle Hooston brings with her over twenty years of experience in creating and maintaining the structure and regimen needed to build a leading technology firm. Michelle has played a pivotal role in organizing and executing the movement of troops and supplies for our great nation’s defense through her esteemed role as a senior non-commissioned officer, a position she currently fills in the Texas Air National Guard. That same discipline is applied every day to ensure we bring you the cutting-edge technology you need to run your business. In her spare time, she is finishing her PhD in Education and provides our training department with the most current research in helping your employees to learn and retain information in the best way possible. Her experience teaching in the classroom for ten years prior to coming to Two10 Technologies has been an invaluable resource in creating our superior training programs.