Data Cleanup

Has your Master Data gone off the path?

It is so easy to do. Your team begins entering data into their new ERP system under the guidance of an experienced project leader. They instruct your team on what fields to populate and where. Then, just like playing the old children’s game “Telephone”, you hire a new employee here, an employee there retires, and before you know it there is nobody left that knows the right way to create Master Records in your system. Unfortunately, there was no alarm bell going off telling you, as a leader, that there were issues.

The saving grace here is that you know there is a problem. You now know you have 3,000 customers or 1,100 specs or maybe even a tangled knot of thousands of orders, delivery receipts, and invoices that need correction. You don’t have any extra staff on-hand to grind out these changes one at a time. Where do you turn?

Here at Two10 Technologies, our certified team of database administrators can help. We know your data structures and we are experts at sifting out only the records you need updated and FAST. We listen to your need, develop a script, test the script in a sandbox environment, you approve the results, then we execute the script in the live production environment. Simple. Fast. Secure.