ERP System Training

Are you planning an implementation of a new ERP system?

With 80+ full-cycle implementations under our belt, Two10 Technologies is the clear leader in teaching process-oriented content using a new ERP system. We don’t stand at the front of the room and point out what all the buttons do and what options are in all of the menus. No, we have the expertise to teach you end-to-end processes using your new software.

We offer both on-site and remote training. We provide all of the content and prepare test data in your system so the training is realistic and not based on another company’s data or process.

We are experts in Amtech’s Imaginera ERP software as well as Epicor, HRMS, and Kiwiplan. Have you been live on your ERP software for a while, but are ready to start driving the sports car you purchased, and not just the family sedan you’re currently using? We can make your staff shine when it comes to utilizing all that your software has to offer. Simple. Fast. Secure.